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What Are the Different Types of Auto Wrecker Trucks?


towing serviceA tow truck, which is also referred to as an auto wrecker, is a vehicle which is used to pull or transport other vehicles. They haul vehicles which have failed because of mechanical errors or have been involved in an accident. Many are owned by private businesses who earn their living by transporting vehicles from highways, ditches, roads, etc. Some, however, are government owned and patrol roads and highways. Some companies own ones which are used to tow vehicles owned by the company.

 There are 3 types of auto wreckers, these are flat beds, hook and chain, or wheel-lifts. Hook and chain ones are not used as much as they used to be, because they operate by hooking a chain around a vehicle’s axle; this does cause more damage to a car. Generally, this kind of truck is only used on vehicles which were damaged in accidents or no longer have front or rear wheels, and vehicles that have steel bumpers.

 Wheel lift trucks are very similar to the aforementioned, however, they use a metal yoke instead of a chain. This yoke is connected to the front or rear wheels of a vehicle. With the help of a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist, the front or rear of a vehicle is raised off the ground when it is getting towed.

 Flatbeds, also referred to as rollback trucks, have a rear bed. The hydraulics of this auto wrecker is then inclined in the form of a ramp. The vehicle is then either driven onto or winched into place. Once the vehicle is settled, the hydraulics will then level the flatbed out in order to transport a vehicle. Flatbeds are now the most preferred method to transport vehicles, as they place no pressure on the car, or drag it for a prolonged period of time. Instead, all the stress is put onto the tow truck.

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