Want to Know What a Towing Operator Does?

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What Are the Different Kinds of Towing Service Jobs?


towing serviceThere are 3 kinds of towing service driver jobs, these are transporting disabled vehicles, removing vehicles that have no driver, and delivering a vehicle. Many tow truck drivers act as independent operators, they will buy a tow truck and sign a contract with a local towing company. Their clients will contact a central number, and a job will be given to a driver based upon their current location. Payment is made on work completed, this provides more motivation to do different jobs as fast as possible.

A towing service driver provides an important service to motorists. A tow truck comes with a hoist in the rear and is used to move vehicles that have no driver. The vehicles which are moved range from buses to small cars. The size of a tow truck will determine the size of a vehicle which is to be transported.

A valid driver’s license is needed in some regions, in order to qualify for these jobs. The bare minimum will also be a tow truck plus a short band radio to get communications from a central dispatch office. Tow truck services which have contracts with local police departments will require their drivers to go through a criminal background check, plus a clean driving record; however, this does vary throughout this industry.

Tow truck drivers will pick up faulty or damaged vehicles and transport them. The vehicle may have been in an accident or experienced some sort of a mechanical breakdown. The truck will raise the front or back of a vehicle, put the car in neutral, and then tow the car to a different location. The cost of this will greatly depend on location, timing, and length of the distance travelled.

Vehicles which are parked illegally, abandoned, or were involved in a crime will be towed to a police lot. Tow truck companies usually bid for this kind of work, due to the fact it is extremely lucrativeĀ and offers a continuous revenue stream.


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